A traditional production company charges you for all-team brainstorms, middle managers, their rent, the office milk, that time their intern crashed the van … Smithy doesn’t. We just use the Smithy Story System, a tried and tested video-making formula that simplifies video and helps us focus on quality, quickly.

That’s why a 60 second video that might cost $6,900 + GST from a traditional company can cost $1390 + GST with Smithy.

Smithy Memberships

The best way to get the most value out of Smithy is with a Membership.


Your Own Australian-Based Video Team


Regular 1-2-1 sessions with your Smithy Producer


Professional Smithy support from script to master video


Up to 44% off the non-member price


Your branded graphics in video format, including your all-important animated logo


Priority Turn-arounds, as fast as 24 hours


from $1990 + GST
  • Estimate how many videos you will do per year and save!
  • From $1990 per base video
  • The more videos you do, the more you save
  • Spread your video budget to cover a year of content!

    We help you set and forget your content plan!

  • Flexibility

    Make your videos whenever you want – six in a week, one every two months or anything in between. It’s up to you!

  • Adjust your video quota any time

    if/when your needs change.

Custom Packages

  • We match your budget to realise your content needs
  • Full service film making - we do it all
  • Suits bigger teams that need constant video
  • Your bolt-on, make anything, on call filmmaker

    Smithy is cheaper than hiring a staff member, and you don’t need to spend months on recruitment. Or smell their tuna sandwiches

  • Quality video, on demand

    supercharging your people with video capacity

  • We don’t take sick days

    And you don’t need to train or manage us.


$2,690 Per Base Video (60 sec)
  • Perfect for just one video, or a bunch of videos all at once.
  • As many videos as you like
  • Your video in 1 week.
  • Commitment-phobic?

    We can create a custom one-off job for you.

  • Adaptable

    Perfect for a one-off campaign, a training series or a single video

* All prices in Australian Dollars