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Smithy creates any video you can think of

We won’t wine and dine you, but Smithy’s filmmaking team does make your quality video in days – not weeks.

1. Brief

2. Script

3. Media

4. Review

5. Download


Smithy. Great video, done smarter

Make any video with Smithy. Quickly. Simply.

We create any kind of video in days – from small business to big corporates, we make video easy. And repeatable.

Smithy solves your video needs by combining our Portal, with professional Australian 🇦🇺 filmmakers, to make quality videos on your budget – whatever that is.

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What people say about us

Alexandra Papas

Marketing Manager at ScotPac Business Finance

“Smithy Social deliver quality content, fast and very well priced. Their custom-made portal is amazing, very easy to brief and approve. Sam is an excellent producer - he understands our business well and knows how to get the best content from talent on shoot days! Highly recommend using Smithy or any and all your video needs.”


Angie Mercer

Sapphire Group

“The offer was exactly what we were looking for – professional, good-looking videos at a price we could afford. Smithy is awesome to work with. They offered us fantastic advice and support throughout the entire process and delivered exactly what we were after. The video quality, overall professionalism and value for money were all 10 out of 10. We can’t wait to be working wth these guys again. Thanks so much Smithy!"

Matt Hughes

CEO at Ripen

"We couldn't be happier with the experience and end result of working with Smithy! The free education and in-app support in crafting the right message for our brand was incredible. Definitely using Smithy again."

Talk to Smithy before you hire!

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1/4 the Price
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1/10 the headache

Smithy operates just like an in-house video specialist – you still get the fast turnarounds, the
easy chats, the constant access and the quality of
an in-house filmmaker, without any of the
recruitment headaches, the KPI reviews or someone eating tuna near your desk. We’re like tiny film pros in your pocket, ready whenever you need us. Chat to us to find out how.

Make any video with Smithy. If you can think it, we can make it.

(Smithy can do everything, or just focus on the edit –
up to you and your budget)

Smithy Videos

A collection from the thousands of videos made by Smithy. Check out how we’ve tackled everything from animations to brand videos to documentaries to snackables (simple titles-based videos).

You know you need to make video –
nothing converts or engages better.

But there’s a problem. Your time. Your budget. Everything, really.

Traditional production companies ain’t cheap, especially when you want more
than one video, and involve complex decision making and a long list of chores. Yuk.
So how do you make good videos, quickly, simply?

You could go to your cousin Greg who’s just done film school, but he’s been editing your wedding video for 6 months and doesn’t understand the term “deadline”.

So you think “We will do it in-house!” You have a crack marketing team, right? Problem is, no one quite knows how to edit like a pro, and those YouTube tutorials just aren’t cutting it. And even if you do have a videographer, they probably specialise in just one type of video (insider tip: never get shooters to animate), or they’re just very, very busy.

So you reach for an “automated”, robot-driven video maker at $20 a month.
Problem is, robots suck at storytelling. You’ll get the same generic stuff your audience has seen six times this week already.
What you need are professionals, on call, no retainer in sight and responsive, quality and fast. But no one fits that brief, right?


Introducing Smithy.

Smithy says you can make quality videos without the headache.

In fact, you’ll get a professional, Australian-based video production team with every video you make. No programs to learn. No hires to make. Less stress, more video. For about the same price as a videographer. And you’ll be happy with your videos.
We guarantee it. (Seriously, you get your money back if you’re not happy with your video).

Lean on your Smithy filmmakers whenever you need us.

We know all there is to know about video. Check out some of our video tips
Play Video
Smithy School | Emotion
Play Video
Smithy School | When To Do A Video
Play Video
Smithy School | How To Script

How Smithy Makes Pro Videos simply, quickly.

Our philosophy is simple: you know your story, we know how to tell it. Together we can create original, brilliant videos every time.

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Step 1

Our unique briefing process quickly identifies your video’s goals and creative direction

Group 237829

Step 2

We create a winning script

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Step 3

We use any combination of footage we shoot for you, stock imagery, animation or supplied assets to make your video sing

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Step 4

Smithy then edits these ingredients together to create a thumb-stopping video.


A traditional video production company charges you for all-team brainstorms, middle managers, their rent, the office milk, that time their intern crashed the van … Smithy doesn’t. We just use the Smithy Story System, a tried and tested video-making formula that simplifies video and helps us focus on quality, quickly.

That’s why a 60 second video that might cost $6,900 + GST from a traditional company can cost $1990 + GST with Smithy.

Smithy Memberships

One way to get value out of Smithy is with a Membership.


Your Own Australian-Based Video Team


Regular 1-2-1 sessions with your Smithy Producer


Professional Smithy support from script to master video


Great for always on, repeatable video


Your branded graphics in video format, including your all-important animated logo


Priority Turn-arounds, as fast as 24 hours


Access to the Smithy Footage Library - millions of stock videos


from $1990 + GST
  • Estimate how many videos you will do per year and save!
  • From $1990 per base video
  • The more videos you do, the more you save
  • Spread your video budget to cover a year of content!

    We help you set and forget your content plan!

  • Flexibility

    Make your videos whenever you want – six in a week, one every two months or anything in between. It’s up to you!

  • Adjust your video quota any time

    if/when your needs change.

Custom Packages

  • We match your budget to realise your content needs
  • Full service film making - we do it all
  • Suits bigger teams that need constant video
  • Your bolt-on, make anything, on call filmmaker

    Smithy is cheaper than hiring a staff member, and you don’t need to spend months on recruitment. Or smell their tuna sandwiches

  • Quality video, on demand

    supercharging your people with video capacity

  • We don’t take sick days

    And you don’t need to train or manage us.


$2,690 Per Base Video (60 sec)
  • Perfect for just one video, or a bunch of videos all at once.
  • As many videos as you like
  • Your video in 1 week.
  • Commitment-phobic?

    We can create a custom one-off job for you.

  • Adaptable

    Perfect for a one-off campaign, a training series or a single video

* All prices in Australian Dollars

Smithy Boosters

Enhance your video with extra features

Professional Shooter.

You can shoot your own video with our guidance, or get our professional shooter to take care of it with our Shooting Booster.

One video, many re-cuts

Turn your single hero video into many products with a Smithy Social Pack. One effort, many results.

Training Pack

Need specialised training videos to get your team up to speed? Choose Smithy’s training pack and create videos up to an hour long.

Professional Scriptwriter

You can write your own script with our advice, or Smithy can write your script from scratch with a Scriptwriting Booster.

Wide, square or vertical

One frame size isn’t enough. Get Smithy to tailor your video for every platform, from your website to Instagram to Facebook.

Voice Over

Choose from our selection of experienced Voice Over artists.

Fast Turnaround

Need that video in 24 hours? Ask Smithy to put on the afterburners.


Add subtitles to your video, which can boost view time by 12 percent (Facebook).


How does Smithy Work?

The Smithy Story System© is collaborative – our film pros work with you to make top quality videos together. Think of us as tiny film pros in your pocket. That’s how we keep costs low and still get a professional quality video at the end – we spend some of our time crafting your concept and script, and most of our time in the edit suite bringing our script to life. Our philosophy is simple: you know your topic, we know video. And remember, if you’re too busy, you can also hire Smithy to write your script or shoot your footage for you.

Who Does What?


This is where we collect all your ingredients – footage, music, titles, script – and make a video out of it.

Who does it?

Smithy will do all of the editing. Why? Because it’s the really hard bit! This means we create the graphics, edit the footage, weave in the music and audio and apply the final colour grade. We just need you to feed back on our work.


These simple, clean, clear and branded titles are used across all your videos, to keep each video on brand and consistent.

Who does it?

Smithy will build your own suite of branded, animated titles called “Graphics Kits”. Check out Smithy Graphics Kits | Breakdown for more info. You just need to provide us with branding assets – colours, fonts and logo. (If you don;t have those we can build a visual identity for you too)


Media might refer to a shoot day, where we capture footage with cameras, or the recording of the voice over. It might also refer to stock footage from the Smithy Library.

Who does it?

If this video does not require shot footage, Smithy will create your video using our vast footage library. If you do need a shoot, Smithy provides the shoot template and advice on how to shoot using your own gear, like your smartphone or DSLR camera. Or you can hire Smithy to shoot it for you. Again, your Smithy Producer will be on call to answer any questions you might have.

Creative Brief

A short document used by creative professionals to develop the video.

Who does it?

Smithy provides the creative brief template – we ask all the questions you need to answer. You will answer those questions in collaboration with your Smithy Producer, who will give you feedback on your answers.


A script describes what the video will be on paper. It includes the words and visuals we’ll see in the video.

Who does it?

Smithy can write the script for you. If you’d prefer to save some money, Smithy provides the live script template, where you write the actual script with your Smithy Producer giving you feedback along the way.


If there is a shoot, there are logistics. This may include booking a location, finding people to appear in the video, sourcing props or organising travel.

Who does it?

Smithy provides the logistics template and then gives you advice on how to organise the logistics. Your Smithy Producer will be on call to answer your questions and guide you on industry-best practice.


This is where you get the video out into the world! It might be uploading to Facebook, YouTube, your website, showing it at a conference, anything you can think of!

Who does it?

Smithy will provide you with a final Master video which is ready for distribution. We may also provide extra assets like thumbnails, social graphics, photos, and re-cuts. You will distribute the assets – as in, you’ll post the video to Facebook or wherever it needs to go. Your Smithy Producer will be on call to answer any questions you might have, or guide you on industry best practice.

Can I buy a one-off video?

Absolutely! We will make you a bespoke quote.

Can I adjust my membership as we go?

Yes! You can change how many videos in your Membership – check your T&Cs for details.

How does the guarantee work?

“Like it or leave it”. Don’t like your video? Then you don’t pay for it. That’s our promise. What are the conditions?
Members only.
Maximum of one claim per 12 month period (we don’t think you will need it!)
Claim can only be made after reasonable attempts have been made to edit the video to meet the original client brief (minimum five sessions of feedback).
Claim to be made in writing, before the master video is delivered.

What people say about us

Ellipse 33

Angie Mercer

Sapphire Group

“The offer was exactly what we were looking for – professional, good-looking videos at a price we could afford.”

Ellipse 33 (2)

Angie Mercer

Sapphire Group

“ Cloud strategy race without a finish line, yet we're building the plane while we're flying it c-suite or strategic high-level 30,000 ft view pass “

Ellipse 33 (1)

Angie Mercer

Sapphire Group

“Groom the backlog we need distributors to evangelize “